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5th December 2013

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Secret Project Sketches

Secret Project Sketches

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A Tiny Witch & Her Shy Ghost Pal

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Ye Olde Flaming Waspe

Ye Olde Flaming Waspe

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Ghosty Posty

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20th July 2013

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Crappy cellphone pictures of Boston and Skip.

Owl & I made jaeger pilot OCs because of course we did. 

Boston is a pretty cool, laid-back dude.  He talks to their jaeger like it’s a person & is super engineery.  The jaeger’s maintenance crew get annoyed at him cause he wants to touch the robot.  He’s not allowed to touch the fucking robot.  ….They let him help with repainting her sometimes. 

Skip is a bag of dicks.  He’s rude, tactless, and completely unfriendly. It’s not really his fault, he was badly socialized as a child. He gets in a lot of fights for really stupid reasons and no one likes him except Boston, because Boston has been in his head.

Naturally, they also smooch.

Oh and their jaeger is named Klezmer Fusion.

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